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Seumas MacFarlane was born and raised near Braemar, before moving to Argyll, and studied Design for Print in Cardonald College, Glasgow. He now lives and works in Tipperary,  Ireland.


Having established a successful career in the field of photo-realistic architectural 3d imagery for the construction sector, in 2014, he returned to his passion of painting in oils. With this medium, he looks to represent the natural landscape. Largely self-taught, though inspired by his father, who is also a painter, he enjoys working with palette knife, rags and brush on canvas, board and wood.

Seumas feels that developing a method to transfer what he sees and feels outdoors onto canvas in the studio is the real challenge, and that  everyday brings an opportunity to improve and learn.

Increasingly, he is in awe of the sheer majesty of the West coasts of both Scotland and Ireland where they reveal many different personalities prompted by their constantly changing weather patterns. It is the moody atmosphere that the landscape and weather creates in these locations that he enjoys the most. 

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